April 01, 2015

Google Panda (beta)

screenshot Google Panda

Google Panda (japanese)

Google Panda では、検索のインターフェイスを大胆に変更。シンプルなモノクロカラーを採用。検索ボックスをなくし、世界中の小さな子どもたちからおじいちゃん、おばあちゃんまでが親しみやすいデザインに変わりました。

(In Google Panda, boldly change the search interface. Adopt a simple monochrome color. Eliminates the search box, it has changed from a small children around the world grandpa, to design and friendly until grandma)

screenshot Self-Browsing Chromebook

Self-Browsing Chromebook

Re-rethink how you browse the web with a self-browsing Chromebook

screenshot Amazon Dash Button

Amazon Dash Button

Keep Dash Button handy in the kitchen, bath, laundry, or anywhere you store your favorite products. When you’re running low, simply press Dash Button, and Amazon quickly delivers household favorites so you can skip the last-minute trip to the store.

screenshot Amazon Circa 1999

Amazon Circa 1999

Hello. Amazon.com has gone retro.

HR-V SLF (beta)

screenshot HR-V SLF


With 10 cameras across the interior and exterior, the HR-V Selfie Edition allows drivers to snap self-portraits while the car is in park.

HTC RE Sok (beta)

screenshot HTC RE Sok


Introducing the world’s first truly smart sock. Engineered from the heel up to be the ultimate accessory. All other wearables are simply along for the ride.

Here Kitty (beta)

screenshot Here Kitty

Here Kitty

Here Kitty uses Here maps to show exactly where your cat is down to 10-centimeter precision.

screenshot LG Nature Edition

LG Nature Edition (german)

Das erste biomorphe Smartphone

screenshot Clippy for Sunrise

Clippy for Sunrise

After almost 10 years of unemployment, we are offering Clippy the job it always deserved. Right inside your Sunrise calendar as your very own personal assistant.

screenshot Google Dial-Up Mode

Google Dial-Up Mode

By incorporating dial-up technology, we were able to reduce Fiber speeds up to 376 times by withholding photons from the fiber strands. In doing so, the light-based fiber optic technology dims to a flicker of its previous capacity, giving our users those precious moments to load the dishwasher, hug the kids or walk the dog.

screenshot Playstation Flow

Playstation Flow

PlayStation Flow lets you dive into a fully immersive experience that combines gaming with real life swimming.

screenshot DocSend Dachshund Delivery

DocSend Dachshund Delivery

Bringing you all the power of DocSend to physical documents.

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