April 01, 2014

screenshot Kodak Picture Kiosk Drone

Kodak Picture Kiosk Drone

High Quality Color Prints that literally, “fall right out of the sky”.

HERE Papyrus (beta)

screenshot HERE Papyrus

HERE Papyrus

HERE Papyrus provides motorists with easily accessible in-dash maps for accurate navigation at your fingertips, no matter the state of your electronics

screenshot Google Fiber Coffee to the Home

Google Fiber Coffee to the Home

Google Fiber’s Coffee to the Home (CTTH) service provides Fiber users across Kansas City access to Google Fiber’s coffee backbone.

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screenshot Chromecast für Eichhörnchen

Chromecast für Eichhörnchen (german)

Von nun an müssen Eichhörnchen nicht mehr nur die Musik und Videos der Menschen auf dem Fernseher anschauen.

(chromecast for squirrels)

screenshot Analytics Academy Data-less Decision Making

Analytics Academy Data-less Decision Making

Making Assumptions with Fuzzy Math; Ouija Boards and Other Mystical Methods; Building an Intuition-based Culture; Hand-Waving Tips and Tricks.

screenshot YouTube Viral Video Trends

YouTube Viral Video Trends

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll be watching in 2014.

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screenshot The Taste of Summer

The Taste of Summer

The world’s first mobile tasting app that lets fans try cocktails before they mix them.

Qwerty Cats (beta)

screenshot Qwerty Cats

Qwerty Cats

On the Chrome OS team, we take pride in creating an operating system for everyone. Based on a long-standing feature request (crbug.com/135117), we’ve designed a cat-friendly on-screen keyboard, based on extensive Animal-Computer Interaction (ACI) research.

screenshot Cats by Opera

Cats by Opera

Introducing Cats by Opera, the browser that is tail-or made for your cats.

screenshot The Virtual Bay

The Virtual Bay

As piracy is about to change from sharing of files into the sharing of everything, we’re planning our departure from this earthly form. Preparing our final ascension into the transcendence. The final conflux.

iinet Pet-Fi (beta)

screenshot iinet Pet-Fi

iinet Pet-Fi

Use Pet-Fi to transform your pet into the ultimate – yet cuddly – Wi-Fi hotspot and mobile broadband modem.

Comic CERN (beta)

screenshot Comic CERN

Comic CERN

From today, all of CERN’s official communication channels are switching to exclusive use of the font Comic Sans.

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