April 01, 2018

screenshot Wayfair Scentsible Wallpaper

Wayfair Scentsible Wallpaper

the world’s first digitally-controlled, aromatic wallcovering.

screenshot Google Shrine

Google Shrine

Get your very own to worship at and boost your website ranking.

screenshot Pindrop Tongueprinting Technology

Pindrop Tongueprinting Technology

Tongueprinting technology analyzes thousands of tiny bumps called papillae, as well as factors such as shape, size, and temperature to accurately identify yourself by licking your phone.

screenshot Roku Happy Streaming Socks

Roku Happy Streaming Socks

Highly-sensitive built–in motion sensors: all commands available on your Roku remote can be performed hands-free. Motion sensors allow you to swipe your foot to browse your home screen

Nothing App (beta)

screenshot Nothing App

Nothing App

The Nothing App challenges the global race for productivity by providing a simple tool that makes it easier to pursue the almost lost art of doing Nothing.

screenshot Chegg Osmosis Pillow

Chegg Osmosis Pillow

an incredible new way to study while you sleep. The idea that sleeping with a textbook under your pillow enables ‘learning via osmosis’ seemed too good to be true, until now.

screenshot Cargurus REVolution

Cargurus REVolution

with CarGurus new REVolution Sound Search Engine, you can make the engine sound of the car you’re interested in and we’ll show you the best local deals that match your sound search.

screenshot Where’s Waldo?

Where’s Waldo?

My name is Waldo. I love to travel around the globe, it’s a whole world of fun. I’m always on the lookout for fantastic new places to explore. … You can come, too, all you have to do is find me!

screenshot Google Bad Jokes Detector

Google Bad Jokes Detector

Using a custom-built deep neural network, Files Go can scan your smartphone for jokes with your permission, identify the bad ones and delete all of them with a single tap, freeing up space for more important things—like better jokes!

screenshot Genetic Select by Lexus

Genetic Select by Lexus

The world’s first service that uses human genetics to match you with the car of your genes.

screenshot Pokemon Go 8-bit

Pokemon Go 8-bit

Experience Pokémon GO like never before with cutting-edge 8-BIT GRAPHICS!

screenshot Chromebook Supercharging

Chromebook Supercharging

Chrome OS team had a few sparks of creativity to generate renewable ways to keep your Chromebook running anywhere.

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