July 01, 2017

ResumeGem (beta)

screenshot ResumeGem


Resumes made easy.

June 20, 2017

screenshot Google Arts: We Wear Culture

Google Arts: We Wear Culture

The stories behind what we wear

(↬ metmuseum)

screenshot Creative City Berlin

Creative City Berlin

Berlin’s portal for people in the cultural and creative industries

June 17, 2017

screenshot Community Inviter

Community Inviter

Automated way of increasing your slack community members. Your users will be able to sign up to your Slack community in a breeze.

Threelly (beta)

screenshot Threelly


Threelly allows the curious, the curators and the commentators to synthesize, slice and provide an easy to use table for content for video based content.

June 15, 2017

screenshot Ableton Learning Music

Ableton Learning Music

Get started making music

Mentspot (beta)

screenshot Mentspot


Mentspot is a platform where mentors and mentees can find each other and connect.

Pickxit (beta)

screenshot Pickxit


We help people find the products that best fit their personal needs.

Webfocus (beta)

screenshot Webfocus


Access your OmniFocus tasks from any web browser

April 01, 2017

screenshot Stack Overflow Dance Dance Authentification

Stack Overflow Dance Dance Authentification

Computer security is always evolving. Passwords are what you know. Smart cards are what you have. We decided to ask how you do you.

screenshot Petco DooDoo Drone

Petco DooDoo Drone

never scoop poop again.

Leisure VR (other)

screenshot Leisure VR

Leisure VR

all Leisure Travel Vans will ship with paired VR headsets that allow you to choose and transform your RV into any floorplan.

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