June 11, 2015

screenshot Zeit Quiz-Tool

Zeit Quiz-Tool (german)

Der Wissenstest des Tages

April 30, 2015

screenshot Google Data Saver

Google Data Saver

Reduces data usage by using Google servers to optimize pages you visit.

screenshot The Next Web Beta

The Next Web Beta

expect bugs, but we value your feedback as we fine-tune and prepare for it to replace our current design entirely.

(↬ thenextweb)

Overheat (beta)

screenshot Overheat


Overheat records the most important Key Performance Indicators for Marketing, Sales and Customer Service and makes it easy for you to analyze all data in only one system.

HuntAwesome (beta)

screenshot HuntAwesome


Scavenger hunt your way to the most awesome month of your life

Viosk (beta)

screenshot Viosk


Easy Online Video and Photo Slideshow Maker

April 01, 2015

screenshot Bing Cute Cloud

Bing Cute Cloud

Puppies, kittens, teacup pigs, penguins, and more adorably cute things await you when you use Bing to search the Cute Cloud.

screenshot Microsoft Outlook Ground Service

Microsoft Outlook Ground Service

Sending large files? Get it there fast and on time.

screenshot Microsoft Office 2016 for Cats

Microsoft Office 2016 for Cats

3 brand-new products for your furry friends: PowerPounce, OneNap and Meow.

screenshot Google Actual Cloud Platform

Google Actual Cloud Platform

the world’s first public cloud running on servers in the troposphere.

screenshot Humble Indie Ballyhoo

Humble Indie Ballyhoo

Will the ball go in the cup? Will the ball miss the cup?

screenshot Flipboard Flip Phone

Flipboard Flip Phone

hear your Flipboard.

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