April 01, 2018

Bulkcoin (beta)

screenshot Bulkcoin


the crypto currency that puts large in charge

screenshot Lego VacuSort

Lego VacuSort

Revolutionary brick sorting vacuum.

screenshot Sprint Magic Ball

Sprint Magic Ball

What appears to be a standard soccer ball is so much more, making the world’s first portable all-wireless small cell sure to be a keeper.

screenshot Chocolate Whopper

Chocolate Whopper

a special edition of the Whopper sandwich made entirely with chocolate and candied ingredients.

screenshot Online Labels Labelie

Online Labels Labelie

Voice Assistant for labels

Josh Ultra (beta)

screenshot Josh Ultra

Josh Ultra

Josh Ultra lets you control everything in your home easily and accurately, as if you did it yourself. You’re just having another actual person do it for you.

screenshot Virgin Australia Spin Class

Virgin Australia Spin Class

the world’s first in-flight cycling studio.

screenshot Duolingo Klingon

Duolingo Klingon

The world’s most popular way to learn Klingon online

House of A (beta)

screenshot House of A

House of A

essential pretzel oils by auntie anne’s

Brewolingo (beta)

screenshot Brewolingo


Craft beers from America’s Owliest Brewery to help you get fluent in any language. Containing a special blend of Owlcohol and Owlgorithms.

screenshot Google Tegaki

Google Tegaki (japanese)

Gboard は、Google 日本語入力と変わらない変換性能にくわえて、ウェブの検索結果や動画を共有しやすくなるなどの便利な機能をそなえた新しいキーボード アプリです

(Gboard is a new keyboard application with convenient functions such as making it easier to share web search results and videos, in addition to the conversion performance that is the same as Google Japanese input)

March 29, 2018

LinkThrow (beta)

screenshot LinkThrow


LinkThrow is the sharing app for the new culture.

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