November 02, 2005

screenshot Yahoo! Maps Beta

Yahoo! Maps

Aside from being far more interactive (click and drag!), there are some major differences we think you’ll like.

* Multi-point driving directions. Get yourself from point A to B and on to C all in one map.

* Integrated Yahoo! Local. Includes our local search, a browseable interface, easy access to business ratings, reviews, and events.

* The new overview map (in the upper-right hand corner) helps you get your bearings. The little grey box representing your big map is even drag-able. Use it to move around rapidly without losing context.

* In addition to the major features, we added a lot of small touches, including address auto-complete from your Yahoo! Address Book, using your home area or most recently used address to start, and the mini-map and left panel, which can be hidden when you want to focus on just the map. Oh, and the maps are easy to bookmark too. There’s no URL obfuscation.

(from Yahoo! Search blog)