October 29, 2014

Taiga.io (beta)

screenshot Taiga.io


Taiga is a project management platform for startups and agile developers and designers who want a simple, beautiful tool that makes work truly enjoyable.

Burn-Notice (beta)

screenshot Burn-Notice


Simple, Secure, Encrypted one-time Information

BienenBox (beta)

screenshot BienenBox

BienenBox (german)

Ein Zuhause für Bienen

(host a honey bee hive)

Produktfang (beta)

screenshot Produktfang


discuss about new products

Kaputt (other)

screenshot Kaputt

Kaputt (german)

(in prototype)

Die Lösung für Dein kaputtes Handy – Anleitungen, Reparaturdienste, Ersatzteile und Entsorgung in Deiner Nähe

UpsideOS (beta)

screenshot UpsideOS


UpsideOS is about checklists. It’s about creating checklists, sharing checklists, and using checklists to do better work.

screenshot Recipe Fiddle

Recipe Fiddle

Create personalized recipe books in minutes.

screenshot DiscussionStream


The perfect complimentary tool to email

Mesh (beta)

screenshot Mesh


De-clutter your dating experience.

Bunchcut (beta)

screenshot Bunchcut


Bunchcut lets you invite team members to collect and vote on images. Collections can then be shared with whoever, either privately or in public.

HourlyHost (beta)

screenshot HourlyHost


Reliable and secure SSD servers for client projects.

Lola Casso (beta)

screenshot Lola Casso

Lola Casso

Receive emails about top brand dresses in your size, on sale. All under $70.

September 23, 2014

BBC Things (beta)

screenshot BBC Things

BBC Things

BBC Things provides a single reference for all of the things that matter to the BBC and our audiences.

September 22, 2014

BBC Newsbeat (beta)

screenshot BBC Newsbeat

BBC Newsbeat

the newsbeat of the BBC

screenshot Guardian Membership

Guardian Membership

Guardian Membership brings you closer to the stories of the day, connects you to the conversations that matter and introduces you to fellow members who share your interests.

(↬ guardian)

CloudRail (beta)

screenshot CloudRail


CloudRail is the standard interface for the intelligent and interoperable Internet of tomorrow. It is a universal API that works with any system and is able to automatically adapt to new services due to an innovative adapting method.

Ballloon (beta)

screenshot Ballloon


Ballloon is the quickest way to save web files to clouds.

Zefly (beta)

screenshot Zefly


Zefly is a new way to broaden and find content in the Internet, as well as to research and connect with others.

screenshot Chrome Software Removal Tool

Chrome Software Removal Tool

This application will scan and remove software that may cause problems with Chrome.

(↬ googlesystem)

WerStreamt.es (beta)

screenshot WerStreamt.es

WerStream.es (german)

Prüfe die Verfügbarkeit von Filmen und Serien bei iTunes, Watchever, Maxdome u.v.m.

September 18, 2014

absence.io (beta)

screenshot absence.io


Master team absences with ease.

screenshot DiscoverTracks


DiscoverTracks mimics what musicians do to discover the next best tracks: they ask the musicians they love what they listen to.

Plural (beta)

screenshot Plural


Plural is a free service that assembles all of your favorite web sources into a single browsing experience that delivers fast and beautifully displayed content across all of your devices.

Vinub (beta)

screenshot Vinub


website analytics for web designers and developers