July 09, 2014

OECD Data (beta)

screenshot OECD Data


Find, compare and share the latest OECD data: charts, maps, tables and related publications …

(↬ hackr)

screenshot Open Data Portal Österreich

Open Data Portal Österreich (german)

Das Open Data Portal Österreich bietet allen eine Plattform, um auf Daten zu verlinken, Daten einzustellen, Daten zu nutzen, sowie daraus entstandene Services zu präsentieren.

(an open data portal for Austria)

(↬ hackr)

Scrapfy (beta)

screenshot Scrapfy


A collaborative code editor for ninjas

Peggo (beta)

screenshot Peggo


Record beautiful MP3s of your favorite YouTube videos.

GOtags (beta)

screenshot GOtags


Do more with your Instagram photos

myMeetingTime (beta)

screenshot myMeetingTime


myMeetingTime.com helps you convert times between time zones and plan your meetings online.

Carta (beta)

screenshot Carta


Carta is an online software letting you track orders, control stock and manage customers.

screenshot Webservice Management

Webservice Management

Webservice management is a web based cloud management platform by Nestify. It enables you to deploy and manage cloud servers and stacks across multiple providers from any device.

June 12, 2014

Beaker (beta)

screenshot Beaker


Beaker is a code notebook that allows you to analyze, visualize, and document data using multiple programming languages including Python, R, Groovy, Julia, and Node.

WireBig (beta)

screenshot WireBig


Wirebig is a disruptive way of creating the most beneficial connections in online groups and gatherings. It’s the networking venue for organizing online events or networking all participants before live gatherings such as conferences and seminars.

Movienr (beta)

screenshot Movienr


Movienr is a social way of discovering new movies, getting personalized recommedations and engaging with fellow movie addicts

Satsum (beta)

screenshot Satsum


Satsum is the easiest way to start managing your customer feedback and improving your service.

AdPushup (beta)

screenshot AdPushup


Increase Ad Revenue from your website with advanced automatic A/B testing.

May 21, 2014

screenshot Fast Break Play

Fast Break Play

the hottest new basketball manager game on the web.

Blopboard (beta)

screenshot Blopboard


a place to ask and answer questions and see real-time visualizations of everyone’s answers.

May 20, 2014

FindMySong (beta)

screenshot FindMySong


Write incredible music with incredible musicians from around the world

Bettify (beta)

screenshot Bettify


Bettify is the first betting game that allows you to bet on real sport matches, against your Facebook friends. Here you will not play real money, here you will play for the pride and to beat your friends.

Youtube Loop (beta)

screenshot Youtube Loop

Youtube Loop

Loop Youtube videos

gigflip (beta)

screenshot gigflip

gigflip (german)

Hole Deine Künstler in Deine Stadt

Syncano (beta)

screenshot Syncano


Syncano is a backend as a service in the cloud that makes it easier for app developers to synchronize and scale data across devices and servers in real time.

Sproutr (beta)

screenshot Sproutr


Sproutr is a collaborative platform for innovative individuals. Post ideas and questions and get feedback from the community.

JohnnyAppl (beta)

screenshot JohnnyAppl


Play trivia and plant real trees

April 17, 2014

screenshot Guardian Beta Programme

Guardian Beta Programme

The Guardian Beta Programme allows you to try out our new ideas, designs, and features in The Guardian Android app.

Designhill (beta)

screenshot Designhill


an online platform that allows Businesses that have specific design needs such as logo design, web design or any type of graphic design to run Design Contests and get the option to choose from designs submitted by designers from all over the world within a very short space of time.

Tellmebye (beta)

screenshot Tellmebye


manage your digital legacy

(↬ wwwhatsnew)