March 06, 2015

Nestor (beta)

screenshot Nestor


Take Control Over How You Read

screenshot Product Chart

Product Chart

A new way to discover products. Each chart gives you an easy to grasp overview of what is available on the market, and provides the tools to find the product that is perfect for you.

(↬ gibney)

Quire (beta)

screenshot Quire


Manage your tasks naturally.

Shiftmates (beta)

screenshot Shiftmates


Trade shifts with coworkers. Cover your shift. Pick up extra hours.

AOL Alpha (alpha)

screenshot AOL Alpha

AOL Alpha

Alpha is where we tinker with all kinds of new ideas at Aol. The aim with each new Alpha product is to create experiences that help people connect with each other and the world around them.

screenshot The Journal of Brief Ideas

The Journal of Brief Ideas

The Journal of Brief Ideas is a research journal, composed entirely of ‘brief ideas’.

Hemingway (beta)

screenshot Hemingway


Hemingway App Beta makes your writing bold and clear.

March 04, 2015

Juicer (beta)

screenshot Juicer


Juicer is a simple way to aggregate all of your brands’ social media posts into a single beautiful social media feed on your website.

Glirup (beta)

screenshot Glirup


The Ephemeral Free Web Hosting without Cloud.

DrumUp (beta)

screenshot DrumUp


DrumUp discovers relevant and engaging stories of interest to your social media audience from around the web. It then ranks the stories and queues them for sharing through your Twitter account or Facebook page.

LinkThrow (beta)

screenshot LinkThrow


The simplest way to save and send links

Seomator (beta)

screenshot Seomator


A great tool designed especially for SEO professionals to check web site’s performance.

Lopeca (beta)

screenshot Lopeca


Connect a local person where you want to see and take a live walking tour from his/her camera.

Mystro (beta)

screenshot Mystro


Easy online software for the every day Health, Wellness and Fitness professional.

LawGeex (beta)

screenshot LawGeex


LawGeex compares your legal document to thousands of others in our database. In just a few seconds we show you what’s common, what’s unusual, and what’s missing.

Seedr (beta)

screenshot Seedr


Torrents on the cloud

February 01, 2015

Goodprint (beta)

screenshot Goodprint


The $14.99, all-inclusive business card people

screenshot Pretty Visible

Pretty Visible

Pretty Visible is a new, independent resource and online community for solar customers.

Digimeo (beta)

screenshot Digimeo


Price comparison for music, PC games, movies and more.

TruckSuvidha (beta)

screenshot TruckSuvidha


Connecting transporters, truck drivers, customers and other related entities.

screenshot Bittorrent Bleep

Bittorrent Bleep

Private instant messaging via secure, distributed technology. No cloud required.

(↬ gigaom)

screenshot Invisible Boyfriend

Invisible Boyfriend

Invisible Boyfriend gives you real-world and social proof that you’re in a relationship – even if you’re not – so you can get back to living life on your own terms.

ProtonMail (beta)

screenshot ProtonMail


Encrypted Email made simple.

January 17, 2015

screenshot Archive MS-DOS Games

Archive MS-DOS Games

Software for MS-DOS machines that represent entertainment and games. The collection includes action, strategy, adventure and other unique genres of game and entertainment software.

Picsvg (beta)

screenshot Picsvg


convert a picture into Svg format