update 12/23/2006: due to a disk crash I won’t be able to compile the results ‘til early next year. Thanks to all who participated!

Seems like a good time in the year to compile our second annual Betas of the Year list. More than 1500 betas launched this year, the paradox of choice is overwhelming, so I want to keep things simple:

if you want to participate (I hope you do!) please send your favorite or most beloved or most heavily used or the most beautiful / interesting / disruptive betas (up to 5) which launched this year until Friday, December 22nd to betasoftheyear[at]gmail[dot]com

Bonus points if you add a short personal annotation to your picks – I’m going to use them as descriptions for the winners.

(if you need some inspiration take a look at the popular betas or the hot betas lists.)

Many thanks!

meta posted Dec 16, 2006