Nr. 1: Writely


Nr. 2: flickr


Nr. 3: Netvibes


Runners-Up: (alphabetical)

Amazon Mechanical Turk Amazon Mechanical Turk

Dabble DB Dabble DB

Etsy Etsy

Google Base Google Base

Google Book Search Google Book Search

Measure Map Measure Map

Num Sum Num Sum

Odeo Odeo

Remember the Milk Remember the Milk

Many thanks to all who participated in the survey!

The annotations (mouse over the links) are taken from lists by Brian Benzinger, Chris Langreiter, Claus Moser, Pete Cashmore and Rick Turoczy.

A special thanks goes to Johnny Haeusler, who started a poll on his blog (german).

For the MoMB that’s a wrap for this year. Thanks for visiting and have a great holiday season!