The Museum of Modern Betas

Betas of the Year 2006


Nr. 1: flickr


Nr. 2: Google Docs and Spreadsheets

Google Docs and Spreadsheets

Nr. 3: Line Rider

Line Rider


netvibes Netvibes

Zamzar Zamzar

Socialtext Open Socialtext Open

30 Boxes 30 Boxes

retrievr retrievr

Google Reader Google Reader

stikkit stikkit

Google Custom Search Engine Google Custom Search Engine

Remember the Milk Remember the Milk

Many thanks to all who participated in the survey!

The annotations (mouse over the links) are taken from lists by Abe, Basheer, Chris, George, Jochen, Kevin, Lindsay, Martin, Ralph and Tim.

Sidenote: I’ve originally asked only for betas which launched in 2006, but since most submitted lists contained older sites as well I kept them in using 0.5 pts for apps from 2005 and 0.33 pts for apps from 2004.