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Beta Quotient: TechCrunch

The most ambitious project in the beta-studies series so far:

The BetaCrunch Index: about 38% (265 out of 700) of sites profiled in TechCrunch are in beta.

(please note that this figure isn’t entirely adequate; I basically relied on the index of products and companies which misses quite a few of the sites mentioned on TechCrunch, I missed a few betas amongst them…)

I hope I can provide a few interesting stats soon, in the meantime check out the new section mixin which lists the 100 most popular sites (in and out of beta) based on apps listed here and/or at TechCrunch. No big surprises, actually, but 5 new sites in the top 7 and 45 new sites overall.

(see the beta quotient for web 2.0 (1 – 25%), germany (60%), rails (5%), connected innovators (83%), apps inspired by flickr (43%) and apps inspired by digg (21%))

☍ 10.08.2006