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MoMB 17

Hey, the MoMB turned 17 today!

☍ 01.10.2022

MoMB 16

Hey, the MoMB turned 16 today!

☍ 01.10.2021

MoMB 15

Hey, the MoMB turned 15 today!

☍ 01.10.2020

MoMB 14

Hey, the MoMB turned 14 today!

☍ 01.10.2019

MoMB 13

Hey, the MoMB turned 13 today!

☍ 01.10.2018

MoMB 12

Hey, the MoMB turned 12 today!

☍ 01.10.2017

MoMB 11

Hey, the MoMB turned 11 today!

☍ 01.10.2016

MoMB 10

Hey, the MoMB turned 10 today!

☍ 01.10.2015

MoMB 9

Hey, the MoMB turned nine today!

☍ 01.10.2014

MoMB 8

Hey, the MoMB turned eight today!

☍ 01.10.2013

MoMB 7

Hey, the MoMB turned seven today!

☍ 01.10.2012

Beta Quotient TheNextWeb 2012

Shocking news (from a betalogical point of view): only 10% (2 out of 19) of the startups which presented themselves at the Startup Rally of the The Next Web Conference have been released in beta* (falling from 53% in 2012 and and 60% in 2008). Oddly enough the tracks have been called ‘Alpha Rally’ and ‘Beta Rally’…

6scan *
six3 *

☍ 21.06.2012

MoMB Comics

monkey on my back

unrelated: MOMB

☍ 02.05.2012

MoMB 5 | 9000 Betas

The MoMB turned five today and coincidentally also just crossed the 9000 betas mark (the 9000th app listed is the super sharp DropGallery.)

A few fun charts:

As most of you know we focus on plain vanilla public betas (78.6%). But we also collect sites in alpha (4.7%), sites which have not publicly launched yet (private alphas, private betas, sites in stealth mode, …) and require some sort of invitation to get in (14.3%), or sites which come in some other beta-ish (gamma, zeta, feta, labs, …) flavor (2.4%).

Google has launched only 2.3% of all betas.

We’ve seen quite a bunch of Twitter Apps lately, unfortunately only 18% of them have been released in beta.

Startup launches since 2004. The peak was in August 2007 with 487 new launches, overall I’m tracking about 22,000 sites.

It has been another interesting year, tons of apps I can’t imagine living without now – if you’ve been hanging in here for a while I hope you’ve been discovering some cool sites too. A big thanks to all of you and to all the wonderful startups.

Btw: you can subscribe to the MoMB here or follow me on twitter here or on Google Buzz here or on FriendFeed here and new additions to the MoMB are retweeted here

(see also MoMB 4 | 7777 Betas, 5555 Betas, MoMB 2 | 4000 Betas, 2001: A Beta Odyssey and 1000 Betas)

☍ 01.10.2010