The Museum of Modern Betas

Most Anticipated

[March 24 2011]

deprecated. This list used to track the 50 most anticipated applications in the webosphere ranked by the number of bookmarks at for apps which have not been publicly released yet. I’ll keep the most recent update for nostalgia.

  1. ffffound (30966 overall)
    (ffffound is an invitation based service.)
  2. storify (1499 overall)
    (request an invite.)
  3. mixcloud (1173 overall)
    (to get on the invite list enter your email in the box below.)
  4. kissmetrics (1136 overall)
    (enter your email address below to get on the beta launch list)
  5. pinterest (963 overall)
    (Request an invite.)
  6. foodily (795 overall)
    (Please leave your name and email address.)
  7. mento (553 overall)
    (Sign up to receive your invitation.)
  8. freecsscart (514 overall)
    (stay tuned.)
  9. yourelevatorpitch (498 overall)
    (launching soon.)
  10. vaultpress (475 overall)
    (Please fill out the application below)
  11. banksimple (389 overall)
    (save your spot)
  12. devunity (322 overall)
    (sign up and get invited when we launch our alpha.)
  13. prevue (315 overall)
    (prevue is an invite-only app)
  14. dropr (281 overall)
    (apply for invitation)
  15. (245 overall)
    (get an invite.)
  16. favo (213 overall)
    (Join the beta when available)
  17. (203 overall)
    (reserve your username and get early access)
  18. almostmeet (183 overall)
    (AlmostMeet is in private beta.)
  19. ifttt (171 overall)
    (coming soon)
  20. socialscope (166 overall)
    (to request an invite, complete the form below)
  21. onswipe (157 overall)
    (signup for the beta preview)
  22. launchrock (145 overall)
    (enter your email to join our invite list)
  23. thimbl (131 overall)
    (We're working on it)
  24. zerply (126 overall)
    (apply now)
  25. copybox (111 overall)
    (your email address.)
  26. apricado (109 overall)
    (what is your email?)
  27. tiny-speck (105 overall)
    (We will blow your minds.)
  28. massivehealth (89 overall)
    (still in stealth like the ninja behind you.)
  29. canvas (84 overall)
    (request a canvas invite)
  30. phreadz (82 overall)
    (still in closed invite-only beta testing phase.)
  31. occipital (82 overall)
    (mobile visual search)
  32. (74 overall)
    (keep me in the loop)
  33. tweetahead (69 overall)
    (under long-term construction.)
  34. (69 overall)
    (sign up below to request an invitation)
  35. eduify (67 overall)
    (request beta invite)
  36. insttant (66 overall)
    (request private beta invite)
  37. textaurant (58 overall)
    (coming soon)
  38. socialwhale (57 overall)
    (follow us on Twitter, and we will send you a direct message when we are ready to invite you.)
  39. helphee (57 overall)
    (just enter your email address and we'll notify you when we launch.)
  40. paygr (53 overall)
    (reserve an account)
  41. feedsqueezer (51 overall)
    (interested in being a beta tester?)
  42. yokway (50 overall)
    (If you want to be a beta tester, please enter your email below.)
  43. plaid (49 overall)
    (Sign up below and get an invitation to see the beta version.)
  44. (47 overall)
    (take a beta seat now)
  45. supporterwall (45 overall)
    (purchase a square below to get a beta invite to our private launch)
  46. blummi (45 overall)
    (please enter your email below to get on the waiting list.)
  47. listgeeks (44 overall)
    (get an Invitation)
  48. (43 overall)
    (the closed beta is currently full)
  49. ducksboard (41 overall)
    (would you like to try the beta?)
  50. voyurl (38 overall)
    (we're coming soon)