April 17, 2014

screenshot Guardian Beta Programme

Guardian Beta Programme

The Guardian Beta Programme allows you to try out our new ideas, designs, and features in The Guardian Android app.

Designhill (beta)

screenshot Designhill


an online platform that allows Businesses that have specific design needs such as logo design, web design or any type of graphic design to run Design Contests and get the option to choose from designs submitted by designers from all over the world within a very short space of time.

Tellmebye (beta)

screenshot Tellmebye


manage your digital legacy

(↬ wwwhatsnew)

April 14, 2014

SofaConcerts (beta)

screenshot SofaConcerts


Discover bands and live music in your neighbourhood

April 01, 2014

screenshot Toshiba DiGiT

Toshiba DiGiT

Great for everyday tasks, high-performance gaming and entertainment, or maximized productivity, DiGiT will fit your digital life like a glove.

Airbrb (beta)

screenshot Airbrb


Sit at somebody else’s desk, anywhere in the world

screenshot Mindmeister Thought Extractor

Mindmeister Thought Extractor

a wireless device which replaces traditional input methods (such as the mouse and keyboard) and lets you insert ideas into your mind maps straight from your mind.

screenshot Samsung Fli-Fy

Samsung Fli-Fy

Pigeons really have made Fli-Fy possible. They’re everywhere and non-migratory, so our coverage doesn’t fly south for the winter.

screenshot Asana Snaptask

Asana Snaptask

The assignee will receive the Snaptask in their My Tasks list and Inbox, but the task name and details will be hidden until your teammate clicks on the task. Once they do, they’ll have 10 seconds to view the task before it automatically disappears.

screenshot Sega MEGAne DRIVE

Sega MEGAne DRIVE (japanese)


Next generation wearable hard “glasses Drive” Announced

Moo Pug Post (beta)

screenshot Moo Pug Post

Moo Pug Post

from tomorrow you’ll be able to select the option to have your MOO order delivered by one of our furry canine friends.

screenshot Reddit Headdit

Reddit Headdit

a revolutionary new way to browse reddit

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