March 31, 2006

screenshot Google Circles

Google Circles

(Google Circles is still in beta. In most cases, if there is no Circle for a particular community, it is only because we haven’t gotten to it yet. Keep checking back every few days. In some cases we are deferring to specific requests from specific national governments. Please contact your local bureaucrat for more information.)

Google Circles is a free service which lets you explore the interests of groups of people around the world, in your hometown, at your workplace, and at your alma mater.

Google Circles works by aggregating information from a variety of sources. For example, we record the Internet Protocol (IP) address for every search performed on our servers. While the IP address does not uniquely identify your location, there is a strong relationship between address and a geographic region. From this relationship, trends can be inferred. Similarly, your IP address often identifies you as being affiliated with a particular Internet domain (e.g., This information allows us to provide highly specialized clusters of search behavior which are interesting and useful.

UPDATE 4/7/2006: