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Beta Quotient: Hungary

Good news (from a betalogical point of view): about 45% (16 of 35) of Web 2.0-ish applications from Hungary are released in beta*:

Many thanks to Andras Barthazi from Miner who kicked-off this list and provided a lot of info.

If you are interested also check out webkett? – a new blog which tracks Hungarian web apps, and R/WW’s Top Web Apps in Hungary

(see the beta quotient for Seth Godin’s Web 2.0 List (37%), DEMOfall 06 (27%), MoMB (37%), TechCrunch (38%), web 2.0 (1 – 25%), germany (60%), rails (5%), connected innovators (83%), apps inspired by flickr (43%) and apps inspired by digg (21%))

☍ 12.12.2006