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Betas of the Year

Seems like a good time in the year to compile Top Ten lists. The Year in Beta has been fantastic, and I do have my personal darlings of course, but I try to document the betas nonjudgmental here, so I’d love to compile a Betas of the Year list based on your favorites.

If you want to participate, please send me your list of favorite betas until Dec. 16 to saurierduval-at-gmail-dot-com (for a quick reminder of which applications have been released in beta take a peek at the collection).

ground rules:

  • up to 10 applications
  • quickly annotated or not
  • ranked or not

the apps should be:

  • in beta or pre-beta
  • webbased
  • freely accessible

Many thanks!

☍ 11.12.2005