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A year ago the MoMB was born. Actually I just wanted to check out the blog publishing system Textpattern (I love it.) I wrote a quick script which grabbed all links tagged as beta from my bookmarks at and populated them as articles to get some data to play around with. But then I couldn’t stop and the betas just kept coming…

If you like statistics:

1888 sites have been added (average of 5.17 per day)

  • 1432 in public beta
  • 96 in alpha
  • 360 in private beta, by invitation, or stealth mode

Of those only 24 (1.3%) went out of business and 76 (4%) went out of beta (I might have missed a few.)

It has been an interesting year, tons of apps I can’t imagine living without now – if you’ve been hanging in here for a while I hope you’ve been discovering some cool sites too. A big thanks to all who have contributed links, feedback, and suggestions.

It doesn’t seem like the beta-phenomenon is cooling down soon, so stay tuned.

☍ 01.10.2006