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Minor update:

MoMB slideshow mode

I’ve added a slideshow mode [gone] which lets you conveniently browse the most recent additions using the arrow keys or the keyboard shortcuts j/k.

The slideshow makes use of new features of HTML5. If your browser does not support it yet, check out the section recently instead.

MoMB Custom Search

I’ve also revamped the MoMB Custom Search – a search engine based on Google CSE which searches within 200+ hand-picked technology blogs and a couple of news sites.

If you want to get more infos on a featured tool just click on the cse custom search logo beneath each article.

MoMB Custom Search

Last not least I’ve added buttons for sharing on Twitter, Google Buzz, and Delicious and comments via Disqus. They will be displayed when you click on the tiny transmit transmission icon.

☍ 05.05.2010